Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan 7/28- 8/2

Once again, my planning continues. I actually did pretty well following my menu last week- the only day that I didn't follow it was on Sunday when Chris surprised me by preparing chicken in his new smoker. (But hey, chicken was on the menu anyway!) This week I'm not using any real recipes- just what I have on hand. Hope it works.

Smoked chicken wraps
herbed corn

Hot & Spicy chicken club sandwiches
chips & salsa
fresh veggies

green salad

green beans

pork ribs
home made onion rings
corn on the cob

Chicken fajitas
spanish rice

shrimp stir fry

baked items: pumpkin muffins

Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan 7/21 - 7/17

This is Paige and her cousin Megan. How cute is that? It has nothing to do with menus. but I thought it was fun.

Last week I only made three of the 7 meals. We just got busy, spent some time visiting with family, and just enjoying the summer sunshine. We'll see how this week goes! I have noticed the same handful of meals that seem to get pushed back from week to week . . . I think my goal next week is to try some new recipes, since I am obviously bored with some of the ones we have now.

Creamy Chicken Pasta
steamed broccoli

Herb tilapia
seasoned corn
dinner rolls

ham and cheese hoagies
chips n dip
fresh veggies

grilled pork chops
corn on the cob
fresh fruit

french fries
fruit salad
nutty milk shakes

Taco salad/ quesadillas (for the kids)

BBQ rubbed chicken
home made mac & cheese
fresh veggies

baked goods: more banana bread!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Menu Plan 7/14 - 7/20

This weekend I didn't actually follow my menu plan. We have had way too much fun playing outside and enjoying the late day sunshine with new neighbor friends. That means less time in the kitchen. Let's try this again :)

Monday 7/14
left overs

Tuesday 7/15
Chicken in Lime butter
garlic zuchini
fresh fruit

Wednesday 7/16
shrimp stir fry

Thursday 7/17
creamy chicken pasta

Friday 7/18
Pork Chops Normandy
seasoned potatoes

Saturday 7/19
Herb Fish Fillets
garden salad
bread sticks

Sunday 7/10
burgers and/or brats
fruit salad
chips & dip
nutty milkshakes

Baked items: banana bread, lamingtons

grocery items I need: chebe mix, lime & lemon juice, chives. tamari sauce, apple cider, salad, brats, vanilla ice cream, bananas, chips, grapes, mushrooms, hot dog buns

Friday, July 11, 2008

Menu Plan 7/11- 7/14

We are settling into our new home, and now that the kitchen is unpacked and functional, it is time to get back to meal planning. I am tired of staring into the pantry at 5 pm and wondering what I can make with what I have on hand. So here's the plan for this weekend . . .

Friday 7/11
Cook out for Chris' work

Saturday 7/12
Homemade pizza
sliced apples

Sunday 7/13
Shrimp Stir Fry
white rice

Monday 7/14
Creamy Chicken pasta
garlic bread sticks

Baked Goods:
Pumpkin muffins, peanut butter cookies