Thursday, July 30, 2009

Menu Plan 8/2 - 8/9

My goal is to create a month of menu plans and rotate them on a regular basis! Here I go on week one:

Sunday 8/2:
cashew sweet & sour pork ( ended up having garlic and rosemary grilled steaks, loaded baked potatoes and bacon & blue cheese salad)
fried rice

Monday 8/3:
Steak & chicken fajitas ( had leftovers instead)
spanish rice

Tuesday 8/4:
Taco salad

Wednesday 8/5:
sweet & sour pork from Monday

Thursday 8/6:
Baked tilapia
bread sticks
Caesar salad

Friday 8/7:
Family Pizza Night!

Saturday 8/8:
Hot n spicy chicken club sandwiches
chips n dip
fresh veggies

Sunday 8/9:
Paige's Birthday!
Pasta Bar
garlic french bread
fruit salad
caesar salad